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«IMPULSE-IVC» (Ukraine, c. Kyiv)
Phone: +38 (093) 916-09-79
Phone/fax: +38 (044) 383-03-73
Ivan Leshko

Guarantees on hardware

When installing, configuring and running computer systems, we use the following hardware:

  • Fujitsu Computers,
  • HP,
  • ESED,
  • Microsoft,
  • APC.

IMPULSE-IVC undertakes the organization of guarantee maintenance of the system. The minimum warranty period provided for computer systems is 3 years (on laptops, tablets and workstations) and 5 years (on server equipment). Warranty support for computer equipment is carried out by service centers of manufacturers. IMPULSE-IVC for its part can take over the organization of interaction with service centers.

Together, with the warranty IMPULSE-IVC provides the contract service.

The use of the service is profitable if the company does not have a system administrator's office and has a large amount of work or additional consultation demand. This service is used by modern companieswhich understand the efficiency of the transfer of auxiliary processes to a third-party firm (outsourcing).

The result is a reduction in losses associated with:

  • frequent failures of computer equipment;
  • errors in software work;
  • interruptions in the functioning of local networks;
  • forced downtime of the system;
  • defeat in case of virus attacks.

Advantages of Contract Service:

  1. The IMPULSE-IVC experience in solving problems associated with the maintenance and operation of computer technology.
  2. Complexity of services: professionals in installing and configuring network equipment, installing software, and maintaining computer equipment are working to solve client problems.
  3. Complementarities: One person may not always be a good expert on software, hardware and network equipment. In IMPULSE-IVC there is a team of professionals who can solve any issue that arises from a customer.

Types of work

  • Install and configure licensed system and application software (Windows, Microsoft Office, MS SQL, MS Exchange, antivirus software, utilities, drivers, etc.).
  • Eliminating the reasons for poor software performance (crashes, hanging, etc.).
  • Debugging of computer equipment.
  • Installation, configuration, server support, network equipment.
  • Diagnostics and minor repair of cable systems, local area networks.
  • Preventive work (defragmentation, hard disk validation, anti-virus database updates, operating system optimization, data backup, etc.).
  • User training.
  • Telephone consultation line.

«IMPULSE-IVC» - a system integrator of the construction industry. The developer of specialized software products on the platform BAF for construction: BAS Construction. Accounting, BAS Construction. Financial Management, BAS Construction. Construction production management, etc. Provided services - from the creation of a structured cabling system to the implementation of business software - guarantee a comprehensive approach in the development of information management systems for medium-sized businesses. A well-written scheme of project implementation allows minimizing possible risks, achieving the maximum result in working with clients. The quality management system "IMPULSE-IVC" is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

As the system and network integrator IMPULSE-IVC works only with products from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers. Currently, our business software products are used by more than a thousand construction companies in Ukraine. We adhere to the privacy policy and reliably protect the business secrets of our customers. The IMPULSE-IVC projects embody the successful practical experience of the company combined with a high professional level of specialists and new technologies.

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