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The Specification is the main document that defines the requirements and procedure for the creation (development or modernization) of the automated system, according to which the development of the project and its acceptance upon commissioning are carried out.

Task sections

  • overview;
  • the purpose and the main goal of the creation (development) of the system;
  • characteristics of automation objects;
  • system requirements;
  • the composition and content of work on the creation of a system;
  • the order of control and acceptance of the system;
  • requirements for the composition and content of work on the preparation of the automation facility prior to the commissioning of the system;
  • documentation requirements;
  • development sources.

The General Information section contains:

  • the full name of the system and its symbol,
  • the number of the contract,
  • the name of the developer and system’s customer and their requisites,
  • a list of documents on the basis of which the system is created, by whom and when these documents are approved,
  • scheduled start and end dates for system building,
  • information on the sources and procedure for financing,
  • the order of registration and presentation to the customer of the results of work on the creation of the system (its parts), the manufacture and adjustment of certain tools (technical and information), software and hardware.

The section Purpose and the main goal of the creation (development) of the system consists of subdivisions:

  • Purpose of the system - the type of activity that is automated (management, design, etc.), a list of automation objects that it is intended to use.
  • The main goal of the system - the name and the necessary values ​​of technical, technological, industrial-economic or other indicators of the automation object, which is expected to achieve as a result of the creation of an automated system. Indication of the criteria for assessing the achievement of the project goal.

In the section Characteristics of the object of automation are indicated:

  • brief information about the automation object or links to documents containing such information;
  • information on the conditions of operation of the facility and the characteristics of the environment.

The section Requirements to the system consists of the following divisions:

  • system requirements in general;
  • requirements for the functions (tasks) performed by the system;
  • requirements for the types of the system’s directions.

The section The composition and content of works for the creation (development) of the system should contain:

  • a list of stages and steps of work on system creation;
  • the timing of their implementation;
  • list of organizations - executors of works;
  • references to documents confirming the consent of these organizations to participate in the creation of the system or a record defining the responsible, customer or developer, for conducting these works.

The section Composition and content of works also provides:

  • a list of documents to be submitted after the completion of the relevant stages and stages of work;
  • the type and procedure for conducting examination of the technical documentation (a stage, a step, volume of the documentation being checked, an organization-expert);
  • a program of work aimed at providing the required level of reliability of the system being developed (if necessary);
  • a list of works on metrological support at all stages of the establishment of the system with an indication of the timing of their implementation and the implementing organizations (if necessary).

In the section Procedure for control and acceptance of the system are indicated:

  • types, composition, volume and test methods of the system and its constituent parts (types of tests in accordance with applicable norms that apply to the system being developed);
  • general requirements for the acceptance of work in stages (a list of participants, place and terms of conducting), the procedure for the approval and sign of the admission documentation;
  • the status of the admissions committee.

In the section Requirements for the composition and content of work on the preparation of the object of automation before the commissioning of the system it is necessary to list the main measures that must be performed in preparing the object of automation before the introduction of the automated system into operation.

The list of main activities includes:

  • providing information that comes in the system, a form suitable for processing with personal computers;
  • changes to be made in the automation facility;
  • creation of conditions for the functioning of the automation object, which guarantees the compliance of the system created with the requirements contained in theSpecification;
  • creation of the necessary units and services for functioning of the system;
  • the terms and procedures for staffing and staff training.

The section Requirements for Documentation provides:

  • agreed by the developer and the customer of the system a list of kits and types of documents to be developed;
  • requirements for the documentation of components of cross-field application;
  • in the absence of state standards defining requirements for documenting elements of the system, additionally include the requirements for the composition and content of such documents.

In the section Sources of Development there should be listed documents and informational materials (feasibility study, reports on completed research work, information materials on domestic, foreign systems-analogues, etc.), on the basis of which the specification is being developed, and which should be used when creating the system.

«IMPULSE-IVC» - a system integrator of the construction industry. The developer of specialized software products on the platform BAF for construction: BAS Construction. Accounting, BAS Construction. Financial Management, BAS Construction. Construction production management, etc. Provided services - from the creation of a structured cabling system to the implementation of business software - guarantee a comprehensive approach in the development of information management systems for medium-sized businesses. A well-written scheme of project implementation allows minimizing possible risks, achieving the maximum result in working with clients. The quality management system "IMPULSE-IVC" is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

As the system and network integrator IMPULSE-IVC works only with products from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers. Currently, our business software products are used by more than a thousand construction companies in Ukraine. We adhere to the privacy policy and reliably protect the business secrets of our customers. The IMPULSE-IVC projects embody the successful practical experience of the company combined with a high professional level of specialists and new technologies.

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